Outlander obsession

Going to Dunnet's Head_ Highlands_ Scotland4743992576757151297 I know I'm joining the club very late, but Outlander was released last week on Netflix in France and I made the huge mistake to watch the first episode. I was already quite partial to the Highlands, to men in kilt, and Scots in general. All my friends know my decennial love for Ewan McGregor. But when Jamie Fraser appeared in front of the fire, well, my doom was set. I dived deep into Outlander, watching 3-4 episodes a day, while knitting. And sometimes even leaving knitting on the side (how could you knit during the wedding episode??? Or the following episodes for that matter!), which happen rarely, a sight seen only for the last episode of Downton Abbey and Sherlock! "Obviously" I watch it "primarily" for the wonderful rustic knitting displayed in every episode. The capelet, mitts and shawls that Claire wears in almost every episode of season 1 are beautifully simple, made with chunky yarns, probably hand spun and, by the look of it, undyed or dyed with natural materials. There is a wonderful scene in episode 5 of season 1 when Claire, while around the highlands collecting rent with the McKenzey's men, helps a group of women to work on a piece of wonderful woven fabric. One of the women invites her to join them and wet the fabric with hot piss to "set the dye fast". On Raverly you can find 4 pages of knitting pattern inspired by the series. I have some favorites, such as:
  • The Travel Shawl, perfect for Highland weather, and nicely sport by Claire in any situation.
  • The Lallybroch Shrug is magnificent and perfect for collection herbs to make potion! Because we all make potions daily!
  • The Apothecary Cuffs withe their little braids are warm and perfect for any season, especially in norther Scotland!
In 2009 we made  an extensive road trip around the Highlands: we covered many many kilometers and all the costal route of Scotland! It was an incredible journey, filled with magic sights that I find in many part of the Outlander series: check out the pictures I took. At that time I didn't yet took back knitting and I remember looking into yarn shops thinking about my knitting friends. Oh, could I go back to all that yarn! I wouldn't only look at it! Highlands 2009

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