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The 2018 Knitters Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching!
If you are a knitter and you have friends that knits, well you know what I am speaking about!
Accessories, yarn, fun gadgets: they all fell into the category of "gift for knitters".
Each with its very own peculiarities and we all know knitters are extremely opinionated on anything, from the best needles to the softest yarn... If you are going to give a knitter a gift it must be chosen with care, consideration and expertise!
Here is my personal gift guide for every fashionable knitter around you (I do not take into account people who knit with acrylics: they do not exist in my world).


Of course this would be the obvious choice. But knitters are very opinionated people and are very peculiar, especially when you get down to yarn preferences. 
Here is a small list of my favourite indie dyers, divided by country:
  • Wales, Triskelion Yarns: I have no knowledge of a single knitter in this world that didn't adore the colours and/or the fibers that Caerthan creates in Wales. And if I will ever cross one I wouldn't know what to say to someone that do not recognise genius.
  • France, Big Bad Yarn: this is a present I am giving you, because Imogène, apart being a force of nature, it's also one of those rare gems you should watch in your yarn radar.
  • Italy, Snail Yarns: the connection Valentina has with nature is present in her whole palette and fiber choice. A bliss to knit! 


Books are for knitters a complement to all the patterns you can find online. That's why I do prefer reference books, whit a few exceptions. 

The Principles of Knitting, by June Hemmons Hiatt: a must have! It's the biggest and most comprehensive enciclopedia dedicated to knitting!

I Knit Paris, AAVV: that the first book where one of my patterns appeared and, apart being very proud of myself, I am also a very big fan off all the other patterns in the book!

Gift a pattern: did you know that you cans end a pattern as a gift through Ravelry? Why do not gift one of La Cave à Laine patterns? Or the latest Woolly Wormhead hat collection, Lateralis?


And here is my domain! From project bags to pouches all my accessories are the best gift for a knitter (or crocheter or even yourself!)!
Please note that until the 18th of November 2018, all my accessories have a promotion: buy one get one 50%off! Go and shop!
* Please note that this post do NOT contains affiliate links and, unless you buy one of my creations, I did not receive a dime from anyone mentioned: this are truly my very own preferences. Not exhaustive, of course, but just the tip of the iceberg.

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