Annual sale FAQ

What's in the sale?

Project bags, hand-dyed bags, hand-printed totes, stitch markers, even books! And some surprises!

What are the imperfections?

The imperfections range from not-so-perfect top stitches, to not-so-straight bags, to mistakes at the beginning of my cotton dyeing journey, to lonely bags or items, perfect, but that do not fit anymore in the currents lines or style. 

Are any item used?

All items are new and unused.

Is there a limit to what I can buy?

You can buy as many items as you like! It's best to stock up because you will get FREE shipping for orders over 120€.

How long does it last?

It lasts until all items are sold out. Sometimes everything sells out in the first few hours. 

How can I get access?

The ONLY way to access it is through my newsletter, so be sure to subscribe! 



Other questions? Write me  and ask me everything! I am happy to help!