Color Me Knots Kits are here!

I am really proud to announce the Color Me Knots Kits!

Color Me Knots kits are perfect for the beginner knitter

in search of a quick satisfactory knit that can be wear with pride

and a smiley face!

[caption id="attachment_272" align="aligncenter" width="760"]Color Me Knots Kits Color Me Knots Kits[/caption] Every kit has an array of components that will make you the happy crafter and owner of a one of a kind accessories sure to enhance your own personality! 100% cotton in two different weight, hair-clip, brooch and earring fixing, and a straightforward pattern (magisterially tech edited by Woollen Words), that will take you to a quick journey to awesomeness! The kits are completed by 3 premium videos that explain some of the pattern passages. Those video are not released to the general public, but exclusive only to kit owners! Your hair, coats and ears won't be dull or bare anymore! And it's also the perfect gift for anybody around you!

And if you are not a knitter you can always

buy ready made Knot Accessories from our shop!

Knitting kit happiness
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