I'm going upstairs to put my hat on

All of us has a little of Lady Mary inside! Yes, I know, she was a major bitch most of the time, but the allure, the perfection, the style? Impeccable! And when, during season 5 of Downton Abbey, she said, as a turning and final point of serious conversation, that she was going upstairs to take her hat off, well, the world was cheering with her! Hurray for the aristocrats! This weekend sale is all about hats. And of course sales and beanie would have been too trivial for Lady Mary, but not for us! [caption id="attachment_161" align="alignnone" width="560"]Adult hats on sale! Adult hats on sale![/caption] This 3 different styles hats are all made of the finest and purest natural yarn, from Peruvian wool to Merino and French Angora. The 2 hats on the upper part of the picture are of course The Fibonacci Ronde, the best selling hat so far in the shop. Especially for this sale they will be made on request (there are none in stock): you can choose among 5 different colours, and 2 different yarns, and I will knit it only for you. As they will knitted only on demand, please allow 5 working days (probably less) before shipment. The 2 hats on the lower part of the picture are unique and won't be available in different colours or in the future. The Fibonacci Ronde Deluxe is available in 3 different shades and it's made with one of the softest Peruvian wool and a Japanese yarn that comes in shades, and made in a blend of 45% Silk, 45% Kid Mohair, 10% Lamb's wool. The last hat, Greche, is made in a wonderful blend of French Angora e Merino. Soft, warm and very stylish! You can shop for them from today, 15th of January until Sunday 17th of January 2016, with a special 25% discount, adding at checkout the code HATSWEEK2. Hats on sales
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