Life knitting project: a story

[embed][/embed] I have a folder on my desktop. It is called "Life knitting project". I have created it in July 2014, coming back from my first yarn festival, Unwind Brighton. Part of that folder went, in December 2014, in "La cave à laine" folder. But the first folder still stand. I haven't made a statement or wrote (let's say finished) a business plan about it. I didn't (and still don't) have a clear idea of what it is, it could be, it will be. It's a giant work in progress. A life project. Looking back in time I can see some patterns in my life. Since I have memories to throughout high school I really wanted to be an artist: draw, paint, make art. I honestly have to say I was more talented with set square and ruler than with free drawing techniques. Becoming an adult I took refuge more and more in books, so going to University I have chosen Literature and history, finally mastering a degree in Modern History. It was the year 2000. While I was writing my thesis I have "discovered" the many potential of the Internet, minding you that all we use nowadays on the Internet it was NOT there: I was making my researches on AltaVista. And I wasn't finding much: there wasn't much to be found. One of my first jobs was to supplement, by hand, an Internet directory: Google wasn't there yet! Little by little I also fell in love with cooking too. And in 2006 the sum of cooking and Internet had the result of one of the first Italian food blog, The Kitchen Pantry. And in 2008 Mele al forno. From 2006 to 2009 life was on high speed thanks to the internet: I had fun, made many friends and did many things. In September 2009, to fight insomnia, I took up knitting, refreshing the few notions my grandma gave as a child, and making tangible objects, something I have really missed. On the eve of 2010, literally, life changed yet again, with my first born. 2011 was even more challenging, with the birth of my second child and the move to Alsace, France. 2011-2014 were very sombre years, battling between diapers and depression, but always with yarn and needles on my side. Looking back it's quite clear I am a multipotentialite, with no regrets AT ALL. Since 2014, this urge to change (and to be challenged) it's reflected on what I love to do right now: knitting. If you look at my website, behind the "professional" allure I like to give it, there much trail and fail: it's one of the least cohesive thing I have ever made! If you are subscribed to my newsletter you could feel me behind some, and a version of me behind others. I am not one of the women I follow on Pinterest with a perfectly organised life and business. My life is organised: it's mine, and I do like neat, organised thing, because that's who I am. But I do not make folder with all the home management, I do not file lego instruction in neat folders, all decorated with patience. No. Me? I make table in numbers (excel for mac users). I write down or draw in random notebook that I systematically loose for some time around the house, then I find them back, and Eureka! And coming to the end of this first year of business I realise that right now La Cave à Laine is reflecting some part of me, but not fully. And as I am my own boss I can make whatever I want with it, until I will be fully satisfied! And then I'll change it again! I have few ideas going around my head for 2016: they are all safely filed inside my pink notebook (pictured above) and I will give them a try throughout the upcoming year. My main main objective is exactly what my folder says: Knitting Life Project, that in my own personal language means a life spent knitting! Happy 2016: more yarn and knitting for you all!  
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