Mother's day set

Whilst in Uk Mother's day was in March, throughout most of the World, Mother's day will be celebrate in May. In Italy celebrations will be Sunday 8th May 2016, and in France at the end of the month, Sunday 29th May 2016.

To celebrate all the moms around us (and a little bit myself too), throughout the month of May I will offer a very special set made by a brooch and an hair-clip.

An esclusive pair of unique accessories: brooch and an hair-clip to celebrates the special bond between a mother and her child. The brooch can become a funky bow tie, making this set the perfect companion for any mother, daughter or son. You can choose among a wide array of colours, mixing and matching! [caption id="attachment_284" align="aligncenter" width="760"]Funcky bow-tie Funcky bow tie[/caption]
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