Production backstage

Video backstage Video backstage[/caption] To launch this new kits a friend of mine, a knitter too, suggested I released also some insight, esclusive video for the knitters making the accessories in the kit. So the great adventure began. As I wouldn't be able to have any kind of help making those video I had to rely on my trusty tripod and a bit of imagination. I honestly do not have a single clue how knitters film themselves: I have tried to hold my hand in the same position on the camera, but the result was sea sickness at best! And I couldn't manage to find a good light source not to have shadows in my way. So I have decided for something more manageable and controllable. Baring in mind stop motion video but having not much movement to make, I have decided for a pletora of images showing the "trickiest" part of the making and putting them together in a short length sequence. Tricky is a big word for these kits. Whilst I assume you already know how to cast-on, knit, increase, decrease and bind-off, the pattern is very straightforward and simple to follow. The videos are just something more for your confort, to enhance your knitting experience.
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