To model or not to model?

To model or not to model?

As I am undergoing the shooting of the new collection, many doubts comes to my mind. 

First, let me tell you I am shooting all this by myself, with no help, if not a tripod and an app on my phone as a remote. 

I am willing to widen the kind of shoots I want to include to use on social media, newsletter and general promotion.

I have a list of 10 different shooting angles/styles to do for each bag.

That means, if you multiply 10 for 8 different fabrics, I need to shoot at least 80. Around 250 more likely. 

Some of this shooting angles/styles includes some with a person in it. 

I have pondered a lot on this. 

Because we all speak of inclusions, body type etc... And it's good, wonderful, great!

But at the end of the day I am afraid people is more willing to buy if a beautiful and skinny young woman poses with a products.

I am not a beautiful and skinny young woman.

I am a middle age, (natural) grey haired and overweight woman, that makes all the stuff she sells, takes all the pictures, write all the marketing and social media strategies, write every single caption, post, product description, apply for every single yarn show over Europe (being sure to be rejected until the acceptance mail arrive), write submission after submission for knitting patterns (and read all the acceptance but also all the rejection, when they are willing to send one), take care of two elementary school children (plus activities and no school on Wednesdays), a fat diabetic cat, a French husband with his head in the clouds, and maybe, if there is time, I even take care of myself...

So, the question is:

To model or not to model?

And the answer is: 

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Bravo for you! You are a beautiful & talented artist. Keep on being yourself!


Your answer is epic! (Your bags too)


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