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cappelli bimbo It runs in the family: the aunt and uncle of my mom had a stand at the local market in Varese, my home town in Italy. They sold leather goods, from wallets to belts. I still remember the wonderful leather satchel my great-aunt gave me for the first day of primary school: it was so beautiful, and the scent! Nothing can smell as good as leather! Only the scent of yarn can surpass my fondness for leather's. As selling face to face in local markets runs in the family, here I go to embark in some local fairs for the next few months, from September to December. Preparation is undergoing since many months, with new girly stuff not yet seen, and the children and adult collection of hats, cowls, and shawls. As usually everything will be handmade, in France, with natural yarns, and in the case of children hats even organic wool. In the upcoming week I will share dates and location, and the friends sharing the table with me: talented women that have no idle hands, making outstanding ceramics and incredible prints!    
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