I Knit Paris! Do you?

I Knit Paris! Do you?

During 2017 and 2018 I have sent out 3 secret designs to America to be published in 3 different books. I have to say, honestly, that those designs are very dear to me and I love them. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborated with such creative teams. 

I am now able to share with the first of these designs :)

Photo by Clara Ferrand

The Escalier Set is composed by a cowl and a hat, both featuring the same mosaic pattern. 


Paris is filled with stairs everywhere: up and down metro lines, but especially up and down Montmartre. Stairs, stairs everywhere! And you cannot avoid them! So, embrace them! And put them in knitting :) 

The Escalier hat

The hat is a generous slouchy, in 3 sizes, worked in the round. As I love good brims with superior fitting, even if the hat has a slouchy effect, it won't fell off you head, but it will keep you warm all winter long! 

The mosaic pattern is so fun and simple to knit that you will not even notice you are working row after row and your hat will be done in no time!

The Escalier cowl

The cowl is even more generous than the hat! It is humongous! You can easily wrap it around your head twice, if not three times! It starts with one colour, transitions to mosaic and stripes pattern, and then end with the contrasting colour. You will have a huge amount of stitches to cast on, as it is worked in the round, but they will fly off the needles!

The Book I Knit Paris

The book where my patterns appears is completely dedicated to Paris!

But let's take a step back. 

One More Row Press is a New York publishing house focused on high quality knitting books dedicated to knitting like a local. After the first book, I Knit New York, they are now publishing books on other cities, with local designers and insider tips on shops and how to knit like a local. 

The first of these books is I Knit Paris: a dazzling collection featuring 9 French designers and their creations inspired by the city of Paris!

It is now available as an ebook and soon in its printed version. 

And Inside you will find my set of hat and cowl :)

Happy knitting!


Photo by Clara Ferrand
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