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[gallery type="columns" size="medium" ids="222,223"] Spring is finally coming in Alsace too! As the sun shine over this windy piece of land of ours, my head is spinning with ideas and I hope to make them come to life during April.

Spring will bring a lot of new stuff in the shop, mostly dedicated to my favourite segment of the world population, knitters.

One of those ideas contemplate the notion of a knitting kit that is both fun and quick to make. A little accessory for immediate result and happiness for yourself, a friend, a daughter, a niece... The kits I have in mind are simple to execute, but they are not for absolute beginners. In my kit you won't find instruction on how to cast-on or the explanation why gauge is essential, but tension is a must too. That's also why the kit will include loads of goodies, but not needles. Why? Well, tension and gauge are the primary reasons. The right tension to make this particular accessory can be obtained with an array of needles, depending of who is making it, when, and how. So needles will not be part of this kit.

You will find fun, instant gratification and exclusive content.

Nonetheless, the instruction will be very throughout, expertly tech edited and clear to follow. The written instruction in your kit will be accompanied with exclusive videos on how to execute some of the passages. There will be a very limited amount of kits. Pre-orders will start somewhere in the second half of April, and the kit will go live in the beginning of May. What do you think the kit will include? What do you think you will be able to make? I'm very interested in your opinion! Kits in the making
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