On choosing colours: two apps

Boutet 1708 color circles A little take back in time. As a teenager I studied in an artistic secondary school and on the first year one of the very first work on colour was reproducing the 12 segment colour wheel with tempera. At my parent's still exists the hundreds of try I've made before to come up with the perfect one. It had to be made on a thick paper with tempera. Tempera is supposedly a simple medium.  But when you have to achieve a perfect, uniform, and smooth blue you know it's not. Blue it's a nightmare, a nightmare! And then there were the many attempts of having a perfect edge, no smearing colour at all! And you can use all the tape you want, but when you have in front of you 24 perfect edges, made of 12 different colours, well, smearing is kind of normal! There was a bright side, apart working with colours, which is fun! We were allowed to use only 5 colours: the 3 primary colours (yellow, magenta red and yellow), white and black. With these 5 colours we had to achieve all the 12 shades present on the basic colour wheel. And it was a lot of fun to mix the colours and obtain just the right shade for that part f the wheel. That was in the late '80s and it was educational and fun. Nowadays I find it a bit challenging to combine colours, especially if they are at the opposite of the colour wheel. Fortunately there is technology to help me out! I use 2 apps on my iPhone to combine colours for my knitting. ColorWheelFree has many plus: you can combine 2, 3 or 4 colours on the wheel, choosing different shades or positions. It comes handy when you find the perfect red but you want something to add to it, to complement it and to make it shine even more. ColorSchemer gives you palettes. And you can make your own palettes, and it gets even better! You can take one of your photos and choose the colours for your palette directly from there! You are on the beach, you see the perfect colours combination for your next shawl and tadah: ColorSchemer helps you select the exact colours! Both app give you the different digital numbers of the colours you choose, in case you need them for print or web. Have fun with colours!  
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