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Slayer's Stitch Markers, Handmade

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These handmade beaded stitch markers are made of Howlite (the skull) and glass, and held with a nylon thread, to assure stressless usage for you and your knitting.

Every set is made of 1 skull stitch marker and 4 beads stitch markers. 

Howlite is a mineral known for its stress relief and calming proprieties, making your knitting experience the best you can hope for!

These markers are indispensable for any knitter who want to keep track of her/his knitting, without giving up on the fun part of life!

The markers are good for any size needle.

The unique skull bead is for marking the beginning of a round in circular knitting or very important part of flat knitting.

Every set is inspired by the protagonists of the cult tv series from the '90s "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". 

I have recently went through the entire series on dvd, watching some episodes for the fourth time: many hours of pleasurable knitting time!

If you are a fan too you cannot miss this fun stitch markers!


Howlite skull

Glass beads

Nylon thread

Metal ending (no nickel, no lead)

No glue involved


Angel, turquoise skull with brown and light blue beads

Buffy, magenta skull with grey and antique pink beads

Cordelia, red skull with blue and grey beads

Giles, green skull with orange and yellow beads

Oz, purple skull with yellow and red beads

Spike, white skull with blue and white beads

Willow, yellow skull with red and orange beads

Xander, orange skull with blue and orange beads

(The colour of the glass beads may vary) 

These stitch markers are ready to ship and will be sent within 24h from purchase

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