Have you seen all the hidden features of the Origami bags?

When you buy one of the Origami Knitting Project bags you are not simply buying a project bag. 

Whilst their simple appearance, all the bags are handmade by me.

Sometime I exploit my mom for the first part of the production: she is in charge od the first seam to put lining and outer fabric together and the first ironing. 


It is fairly simple in theory, but it needed a lot of time to perfect it and find the perfect dimensions and kind of stitches to finish it in the way I wanted. I use a special stitch to attache the handle, and all the intersection of the fabric have stronger stitching. 

Fabric and thread

I have tried in past collections more lightweight printed cottons, but I prefer the crispness of a sturdier cotton: shapes hold better. And with a very lightweight lining there is a certain balance and the bag still is very light. Fabric and thread are both cotton. I like to point this out all the time, because 99% of commercial garment and accessories are sewn with acrylic thread: it's cheaper. But I prefer to use, always, natural materials. The bags have no interfacing either, because, again, interfacing is polyester, and full of chemical glue.  


Our project bags are made to carry up to 3 skeins of yarn and the project you are working on. As the bag can easily fold on itself, your project and yarn will be safe, anywhere you put them. The long handle is perfect to hold it on your wrist or on an armrest. When not in use you can easily fold it and have it always with you in your purse, for shopping. It is machine washable, but it's better to wash it by hand. It can be ironed, but it's better to iron it when it is still damp. 

Features in a nutshell:

  • 100% made in France
  • 100% cotton: it is made with cotton canvas, lined with light cotton, and sewn with cotton thread
  • Can carry up to 3 skeins of yarn and the project you are working on
  • Can be easily folded and used as a carry on bag, always ready to welcome new yarn
  • Very light and very sturdy 

There are still some Origami Project bags left before we launch the new collection:


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