Welcome to La Cave à Laine

We are a small atelier based in Alsace, France. We make beautiful knitting project bags and pouchesoriginal knitting designs, and more with the modern knitter in mind.

The ultimate project bag

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Welcome to La Cave à Laine

Travel Pouch

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Basic knitting techniques

A short video on Garter Tab Cast on

A short video on the best way to create a Garter Tab Cast on!

Video is in Italian, but very self explanatory :)

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Where to find us


La Cave à Laine is located inside Cité Danzas, 12 rue Theo Bachmann, 68300 Saint Louis, France.

The atelier is not open to the public, but only by appointment. Please, write me info @ lacavealaine.com 

L'atelier n'est pas ouvert au public, mais seulement sur rendez-vous: écrivez moi info @ lacavealaine.com