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[caption id="attachment_90" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Going to Dunnet's Head_ Highlands_ Scotland4743992576757151297 Not the Shetland, but the Highlands[/caption] I have recently became a Crafsty junkie. Craftsy is a community build around leaning a craft, being knitting, spinning, photography, jewellery making, sewing... To learn all this you can access videos at a very reasonable price. Already the Internet made possible to learn about Shetland lace, from a Shetlanders, without actually going to Shetlands (but my urge to visit never diminish!). Craftsy made a bigger step: they took the most famous Shetland knitting designer (Grudrun Jhontson), daughter of a very famous Shetland designer, and made a class with her: a beginner class to knit the iconic Shetland Hap shawl with Grudrun Jhontson it's something a knitting enthusiast cannot love or desire! What there is not to love about a well executed beautiful Hap? But Crafsty has classes for advanced learning too, like pattern writing, class teaching, advanced lace design... And free mini classes that are worth trying! Try out the Short row mini class: a delight, especially the wonderful Irish accent of the teacher! One of the thing I love most about knitting is that you never stop to learn: there will always be techniques, traditions and pattern to explore and learn! P.S. I'm so much of a Craftsy fan that this post is absolutely genuine: nobody paid or urge me to write it!
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