Fibonacci Ronde: the pattern

[caption id="attachment_69" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Fibonacci Fibonacci[/caption] The first hat I have ever "created" is still the best selling hat in the shop: the Fibonacci Ronde. I will keep making them in 2016 too, developing a side line with other accessories inspired by the Fibonacci sequence. The beanie is simple in executions and design. I was sitting by the window, casting on for a beanie without a precise project or intent in mind. Once I have finished the rib I began to think about Fibonacci: few day before I was reading a huge book about knitting, The Principles of Knitting, and the author, June Hemmons Hiatt, was stating that you can color stipe a piece of knitting following the Fibonacci sequence. The famous number represent in mathematics the harmony of nature and it can be found in the most familiar places, like the flowering of an artichoke or in the head of a sunflower. It's harmony at its purest state. I have only used it to alternate knitting and purl rows, creating a simple beanie. This is my first ever design: it was read by experienced designers (thanks Maria and the team!) and tested many times by me. If you find errors or something that doesn't sounds right to you, please write me: lacavealaine [@] I hope you enjoy knitting it! And please, favourite and put it in your library and queue once you download it! Download now!
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