Collectable Bags Club

What is a Collectable Bag Club?

It is a series of 4 bags created and sew exclusively for the participants to the club. There is a very limited amount of these bags, and they will be unique and non repeatable. 

It may happen that some bags will be left from a collections and they will be sold to the general public in 2023.

Which bags will I receive?

There will be small, medium, big and even more! 

Each bag will be different is size, colour, and print. 

How does it work?

You will receive one bag every 3 months, starting February 2022, for a total of 4 bags throughout the year.

Each bag will be the perfect companion for your crafting adventure, big enough to hold your projects and so stylish all your friends will want one!


1st instalment - February 2022

2nd instalment - May 2022

3rd instalment - September 2022

4th and last instalment - December 2022

With each instalment you will receive:

  • 1 exclusive project bag, made only for the club, collectable. The bag will feature either a unique print, or hand-dyed colour, or hand-printed design. The project bag will be big enough to hold at least 2 skeins of yarn. It will have handles and an internal multi-pocket. All bags will be fully lined, 100% natural materials, sew with cotton thread
  • Various goodies to keep you amazed, surprised, and happy
  • If you keep your subscription until the end of the year, in the last instalment you will receive bigger surprises!

    Subscription payments plans (pre-paid)

    You have 3 choices of subscription, all pre-paid (cancel anytime):

    - Pay every 3 month the full price + delivery (payments every 3 months from the first purchase, automatically renewal)

    - Pay every 6 month with a 5% discount + delivery (payments once when you purchase, and then another one 6 months after the first purchase, automatically renewal)

    - Pay once, billed for the full year, with a 10% discount (pay in full when you purchase)

    All subscription will end with the last delivery in December 2022.

    First payment due when subscribing, then depending on the chosen plan.

    Subscription will close on 10th November 2021.

    First box will be delivered in February 2022.

    Why to I have to pre-pay?

    The prepayment is necessary for a good organisation and to keep everything exclusively. Prepaying will allow me to purchase the supplies for all bags in one go, getting the best price for the high quality fabric and gears I use. Also pre-payment will give me enough serenity to make everything in a relaxed and untroubled environment.

    And if I do not like my bag?

    Subscription boxes are a surprise based on a theme, so if you don't like surprises or the theme of the year, it's probably not a good idea to subscribe.

    That said, our usual terms and conditions apply to the club. 

    Here you can also see our subscriptions policy.

    If you still have questions or doubts you can always write me at info [@]