2019 Survey

2019 Survey

2019 just began and oh my is already February!

At the beginning of the year I began to work on a short survey (I LOVE surveys!) to get a better understanding of my customers and their needs, wishes and hopes.

The survey is now ready and if you feel like fill it in it would be a great help for me, my business (always me) and the future of it. 

Of course you can always write me anytime, but maybe an anonymous survey will let you express more freely on how I can improve this small business of mine and how I can make you a happier knitter!

And if you arrive till the end, there will be a sweet surprise for you!

Later this year I will publish the results, and share with you the changes I am undertaking to make you a happier customer :)

As Taylor Swift would say, are you ready for it?


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Looking forward to purchasing from you.

Colette Reilly

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