Behind the scenes of the upcoming kits

behind the scene of a photographic set When I am struck with an idea, as unfortunately it doesn't happen often, I dive deep into it. I work on the upcoming kits several hours a day. A lot of these hours are dedicated to take pictures of the different elements. As La cave à Laine has only one "employee", pictures, making, blog, social media and everything else is made by this only persone: me. I, of course, have a boss who controls everything I do. You can see him in this picture, wearying looking out of the window, obviously annoyed by my presence, noise and work in front of his favourite spot. Grima annoyed by the presence of something in his visual My boss controls me everyday, even when he sleeps (almost all day long). And it's not easily amused. I will probably release a knitting pattern dedicated to him, so I won't reveal you anything about him, more then he's 12 years old, and everybody calls him Grima. Back to the kits!

They will launch, hopefully, on the 2nd of May 2016!


Hopefully, because, as above stated, as the sole worker of this mini business I have a lot on my hands.

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