How's the business going?

[gallery type="rectangular" size="medium" ids="145,103,102,68,69,70,138"] People ask me this question often. And, as I prefer the positive American approach to the whining European approach, I always answer: "Great!". And that' s true: I have opened La Cave à Laine in December 2014. By December 2015, after taxes and expenses, I had a positive number to look at. A very little positive number, but not a 0 or a minus! But most of the people expect you to be billionaire by the first year of business, despite the fact that I'm alone doing this, doing everything by myself and with no intention of becoming H&M or Dolce&Gabbana. So, instead of felling low about the expectation that others try to put on me and my business, I look at the positive side of this past 2015:
  • I produced 16 invoices this year. Which is great! I mean, more then 1 invoice a month for a seasonal business! WOW!
  • I had a stable growth on every social network, not only the profile on my name already well established by many years of sharing, but also on La Cave à Laine Facebook page, brand new, which had a growth of 300% in just the first year without investing in advertisement to get more fans! WOW!
  • I was able to find and try great natural yarns, some also ethically produced. And as I have realised that for most people is not important or is a given to use natural yarn, is not for the clothing industry! Go out there and have a look at labels: how many do you find made with 100% natural materials? A very low percentage. And after this first year this is something I do not want to change at La Cave à Laine.
  • I have learned a lot in this past year. About business, myself, knitting, yarn... About anything! And that's wonderful! For example I have learned, that despise many people telling me "You should do some Christmas markets", what I make is not fit for Christmas markets, so Christmas markets are off my list!
This 2016 will be another great adventure! Something will never change though.

I will always choose 100% natural yarn, produced with respect to the animals and the environment.

I will always carefully and lovingly hand knit everything I sell.

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