29 practical ways to use a project bag

29 practical ways to use a project bag

Project bags are renowned for their versatility, but I bet you'll be surprised how many ways you can use one, aside from hosting your current project.

Here are 29 ways you can use your project bags.

Before you start learning how to use a project bag, you'll need a project bag! Get one here. 

Practical ways to use a project bag as something else

1. Lunch box

Use your project bag to bring your lunch to work: it will stay cosy and safe. and it it leaks, well: all our project bags are washable.

2. Library bag

Most project bags are so roomy they can accomodate several paperback and some hard cover books. You trips to the library will be so stylish with one of our project bags!

3. Nappy bag

In need of just a few nappies for a stroll in the park? Our project bags are the perfect size!

4. Grocery bag

As many of our project bags can easily be folded and stored in a bigger bag, they can become your trusted companions for a shopping spree.

5. Picnic bag

Bring your picnic condiments, fruits and other small treats along in a project bag.

6. Toy bag

Ready for a playdate? Bring the favourite toys of your child along with you in a project bag.

7. Makeup bag

You have loads of make up? Store it in one or several project bags: it will never escape!

8. Spa bag

Ready for a spa visit with your friends? Bring everything you need in a project bag: towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, a book…

9. Gym bag

Stroll around the gym with everything you need, from your phone to your towel, in a stylish project bag.

10. Overnight bag

Going away for one night? All our project bags can easily store the essential you need for just a night away (and some even for a whole weekend!)


11. Bag

The most common way to use a project bag :)

12. Car Bag

If like me you always have an array of different item scattered in your car, a project bag is the perfect solution to have the sunglasses, water bottle, and everything else in just one place.

13. Beach bag

Use a project bag to hold your towel and water bottle, but also to bring back treasure from the beach, from shells to rocks, and sand.

14. First help bag

In the bathroom or in the car, or even at work, you always need a plaster, some disinfectant and cotton pads: a project bag is the perfect way to have all this always handy.

15. Bullet journal bag

If you are addicted to this wonderful organising method, a project bag os perfect to keep everything in one place: stickers, journal, pens…

Bullet Journal bag


Practical ways to use a project bag as a project bag

16. Knitting project bag

Use project bags to keep your knitting projects tidy and dust free.

17. Knitting project bag on the go

The ultimate use for a project bag, when it is not laying on the couch beside you, is to bring your knitting with you to work, to the park, everywhere.

18. Embroidery project bag

Keep your current embroidery safe inside a project bag.

19. Crochet project bag

Of course you can use it as a crochet project bag too!

A versatile project bag on a chair

20. Sewing project bag

Sometimes you need to do some hand stitching or bring you sewing project somewhere: a project bag is the perfect carrier.

21. Art supply bag

Let’s say you are into linocut (as I am!) and you need somewhere to store your cutting tools, a mat, and small pieces of line: a project bag is the perfect solution.

22. Sock bag

Are you a sock knitter? A small project bag is the perfect sock knitting project bag.

23. Shawl bag

Are you a shawl knitter? A project bag is the perfect shawl knitting project bag.

A project bag for knitting

24. Hat bag

Are you a hat knitter? A small project bag is the perfect hat knitting project bag.

25. Sweater bag

Are you a sweater knitter? A project bag is the perfect sweater knitting project bag. We have a wide range of roomy project bags that can carry up to 6 skeins of fingering yarn.

26. Stash bag

Store most of you yarn inside project bags: they will keep your precious skeins dust free and comfortable.

27. Notion bag

Gather all your notions and tools in a designated project bag, so you will never loose them.

Practical ways to use a project bag as a present

28. Gift bag

Go one step ahead and use the project bag as a double gift, wrapping the primary gift in it.

29. Gift giving

Give a project bag as a gift, because there is always place for kindness. 



So now that you have all these useful ways to use project bags, you're going to need a few.

We have a wide array of handmade, 100% cotton project bags, washable and durable! You only need to choose as many as you need!


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