Behind the scene of Christmas

[embed][/embed] I do not even know where to begin about the behind the scene of 2015 Christmas preparations at La Cave à Laine. First of all, it began in August 2015! To be honest, I began to think about 2015 Christmas in December 2014, when I opened my small business: figure it out! (And of course I'm already thinking about Christmas 2016!) Only in August this year I became "serious" about it! But apparently the will to cast on anything and everything is much stronger that throughout organisation. A few week ago some of my WIPs (Work In Progress) did look like the picture above. Last week they looked like this: [embed][/embed] Some were finished, many others appeared! Then Big Cartel, the platform I use to manage my online shop, published a very interesting Holiday Rush Calendar and the real madness began! Because on the side of knitting I am now actively back on social media (do you follow me?) and on this blog to help you with your Christmas shopping and gift choosing. But as if all this above it is not enough, I'm also busy exposing to markets: Do not miss out the opportunity to give love this Christmas: shop handmade, shop at La Cave à Laine!
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