The Aquarelle Collection

Rediscover Colour with the Aquarelle Collection!

This is why is so special and unique!

The Cotton is Organic

Cotton Flowers

This collection is made entirely of organic cotton, both the outer fabric and the lining. 

I choose my cotton from European suppliers that source it within the Mediterranean production. 

Whilst the 2020 collection is made of an array of 3 different organic cotton, the 2021 collection will be made entirely with Aegean cotton, grown and processed in the region south-east of Izmir, Turkey, in GOTS certified factories. My suppliers deal directly with the producer. Cotton is then transported to Europe by truck. 


The Dyes are Fiber Reactive

Fiber Reactive dyes

The dyes I chose to create my colours are fiber reactive dyes: they blend with the fiber and will permanently stay there. No bleeding, no fading!

I have longly debated with myself if to use natural dye or chemical dyes: I have read tons of literature on both choices, considering both the tinctorial proprieties and the ecological impact. 

At the end I have chosen fiber reactive dyes: they last longer, they environmental impact is minor (see below), they do not fade and are light fast. 


The Technique is Unique


The technique I have developed to create all these intense colour nuances is rather unique.

Each bag is dye individually, making it exceptional and distinctive.

I cut and wash all cotton before beginning the dyeing process. I then batch dye similar colours in small sessions. Each piece of fabric is dye by itself: it is the only way I can control the effect I want to achieve and the intensity of the colours. 


The Process is Mindful

A beaker

In developing my dyeing technique I have payed the uttermost attention to use as less water as possible.

Each bag is dyed with less than 10 cl (3.5oz) of water. As I apply a special technique I have developed, before each dyeing session I calculate exactly how much dye I should make and use.

If there is some dye left I then use it to dye the lining fabric or even some bags pieces and handles.


The Final Touches are conscious


Once every bag is dyed and cured for 48 hours (at least), I plan the last fixing wash.

I batch similar colours together, saving not only water but also electricity.

I use my handmade unscented Marseille Soap washing liquid, and vinegar to fix the dye.

Once the rinsing water from the washing machine is completely clear, the fixing process is complete and eternal. I then let each bag dry before the first ironing.


The Sewing is by Me

Sewing machine

Once the dyeing process is done, then there is the sewing left.

I sew everything myself, with the occasional help of my mother, in my atelier in Alsace, France.

I decide colour pairing, thread colours (all cotton!) and handles.

Each bag is sew with the highest attention to details: each stitch is loved. The occasional rogue stitch can escape our watchful eyes, but there is no end to the perfect finishing touches.


The mind behind it all

Sara holding a project bag

Hi, I am Sara, the Supreme Leader of La Cave à Laine! I am Italian and I live in Alsace, France, with my husband, our two children and our bossy cat. I create project bags and knitting patterns to make crafters happy!

I have discover an incredible passion for creating colours: they make me happy and I hope to send you all this happiness to you too!