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La Cave à Laine

All Natural Lavender Wool Wash

All Natural Lavender Wool Wash

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Made in Italy by Arianna Allio, Alchimista Chimica, this wool wash is especially conceived for La Cave à Laine.

It is perfect for hand washing your woollens. The bars are made with Italian Organic Olive Oil, and fragranced with Italian Organic Lavender Oil.

You can add an handmade porcelain soap dish: they are round and all different!




Sodium Olivate, Sodium hidroxide, water, lanoline, lavander

All ingredients are Ethically Sourced

How to use your wool wash bar:

- Add room temperature water to a bowl or sink large enough to fit your project.

- Wet the wool wash bar in the water and build up a good lather.

- Leave the bar out of the water to dry naturally.

- Gently mix the water to disperse the soap before adding your wool project.

- Leave your project in the water for 20 mins or more, fully submerged.

- Rinse in a fresh bowl of room temperature water, gently squeeze out the excess water, and dry flat.

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