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Stitch Holders - Yellow Fluo

Stitch Holders - Yellow Fluo

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These are the best stitch holders you will ever use.

What they are for

- To keep stitch on hold while to try out your knit

- To hold live stitches for further use

- To free a cable needle for another project

How to use them

Push the end of the cord into the point of your needle, then slide the stitches onto the cord, pushing them gently.
Reverse the process to get your stitches back on your needle.

The cord comfortably fits onto 5 mm (US 8) or smaller needles.

What's inside each box

Unlike other silicone cord sets, you'll get 4 different cords:

- One 2 meters / 78.75" long

- One 1 meter / 39" long

- Two 50 centimetres / 19.5" long

They come in a cardboard box and in 13 stunning colours! 


Cord: soft silicone

Box: paper kraft

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