Gift Guide 2021 - Crafter edition

Gift Guide 2021 - Crafter edition

This is the ultimate guide to Gift for Crafters!

At La cave à Laine we proudly design and curate a wide range of products dedicated to crafters.

Here is a selection to help you choose the perfect gift for your crafty friends. 

Gifts for crafters

1. An handbag: choose what you may, but a crafter will always need a bag for their projects! We have a vast array of bag, and you can choose them by colour or by size.

2. Foldable scissors: perfect for travelling, small enough to fit everywhere, our foldable scissors come in an handy box.

3. Tape measure: handy, black, our tape measure is the perfect companion!

4. Travel kit: all you need to travel in style and small spaces!

5. A beautiful pair of scissors

Knitters & Crocheters Gift Guide

6. Stitch Markers: at La Cave à Laine we carry more then 60 different types of stitch markers!
7. Sock Blockers: beautifully designed and handmade in Austria. 
8. Light Project Bag: these are our lightest (and cheapest) handmade bags. Perfect to carry around from small to big projects. 
9. Wool soap: handmade in Italy, with organic ingredients and a bit of lanoline, this soap is the best companion to take care of your projects.
10. Deluxe Notions Kits: an handmade pouch with hand-dyed organic cotton, and an array of luxury notions!
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