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  • All Natural Lavender Wool Wash-La Cave à Laine
  • All Natural Lavender Wool Wash-La Cave à Laine
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La Cave à Laine

All Natural Lavender Wool Wash

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Made in Italy by Arianna Allio, Alchimista Chimica, this wool wash is especially conceived for La Cave à Laine.

It is perfect for hand washing your woollens. The bars are made with Italian Organic Olive Oil, and fragranced with Italian Organic Lavender Oil.




Sodium Olivate, Sodium hidroxide, water, lanoline, lavander

All ingredients are Ethically Sourced

How to use your wool wash bar:

- Add room temperature water to a bowl or sink large enough to fit your project.

- Wet the wool wash bar in the water and build up a good lather.

- Leave the bar out of the water to dry naturally.

- Gently mis the water to disperse the soap before adding your wool project.

- Leave your project in the water for 20 mins or more, fully submerged.

- Rinse in a fresh bowl of room temperature water, gently squeeze out the excess water, and dry flat.