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You are very welcome to La Cave à Laine, where you will find reliable knitting patternsfashionable project bags and pouches!

Everything I made is unique, handmade in France by me and created just for you, the sophisticated and stylish knitter!

Now, let's go back to business!

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You can download the FREE version of the Ceretic Hat clicking here or on the above image, so you can have a first taste of my patterns.

As all my other patterns, Ceretic Hat is professionally tech edited, "virtually" error free (we are all humans after all) and perfect for an enjoyable knitting experience!

I love watching people's progress on La Cave à Laine designs and spreading wool love to the world, so please:

  • Use the hashtag #lacavealaine on Instagram
  • Tag @lacavealaine on Facebook or Instagram
  • Make a project page on Ravelry

And I'll be sure to leave a like or comment on your work! <3

Happy knitting!

Sara, aka the knitter behind La Cave à Laine

P.S. Ceretic è disponibile anche in italiano! Clicca qui per scaricare la versione italiana!

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