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#Bag11 Knits Cosy - Cotton, Hand-Printed, Arancione

#Bag11 Knits Cosy - Cotton, Hand-Printed, Arancione

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Handy and super light knits cosy, made of 100% cotton, printed in our studio in Alsace, France. 

Knits Cosies are the perfect complement to any knitter: they are the ultimate case for your precious knits, so they are safe and sound when you bring them around with you, in your purse or suitcase.

And they have so many uses: from produce bag, to light project bag, to toiletries bag, to present wrap.

Sew with care, they are finished with french seams.

Drawstring is 100% natural hemp.

Washable (preferably by hand)

Measurements (final measures may vary):

XS: 16x21cm / 6.3x8.3"

S: 21x21cm / 8.3x8.3"

M: 21,5x30,5cm / 8.5x12"

L: 26,5x33cm / 10.4x13"


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